I understand how important it is to make your space personal to you.  Your space has to serve you as well as reflect your personality.

Consulting/Design Advice $50/hr

The design process can be overwhelming; let me make it fun and easy for you.

I've styled bookcases, held hands with new homeowners as they enter their favorite home furnishings store.  It's easy to get overwhelmed as we go down the interior design rabbit  hole scrolling through picturesque homes thinking, "Why can't I live like that?"  You can and I'm happy to help.

If it's deciding on a color pallet, where the sofa will go, or if you just need someone with a good eye for design to help pick out the perfect accessories to make your space personal to you. Just a little help can make a huge difference.  

Design Plan/E-Design $300/space

If you are venturing into changing your space and just wish you had a map to your ideal room, this is it.

1) Fill out a design questionnaire and take pictures of your room

2)From the information you have provided I present your initial design plan based on your taste and lifestyle

3)Be real with me. Tell me what you love and hate about the design.

4)I give you a final design plan with an itemized list of where to purchase everything. 

5) I make myself available to you via, email phone,& text, to help you install your design.  

Full Service Design rates vary based on project


This is when you need a complete and total overhaul on your space and you just don't have the time to do it all yourself.  I will meet with you personally create your design plan, hire contractors, receive and collect furnishings for you and then install everything. 





Thank you for your interest. 

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